Twin Stim III

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Twin Stim IIIinTENSity Twin Stim III


The InTENSity™ Twin Stim®III combines Tens and EMS therapy in one digital device. The Tens has 4 Modes (Burst, Normal, Mod1, Mod 2) and the EMS has 3 modes (Synchronous, Asynchronous and Delay). This device is an industry leading 105mA. The Twin Stim®III comes standard with an AC Adapter and is easy to operate.


Wave Form: Tens – Monophasic Square, EMS – Biphasic/monophase square wave pulse

Pulse Rate: Tens – 1-150 Hz, EMS – 1-150 Hz•Pulse Width: Tens – 50-300us, EMS – 50-300us

Output Voltage: Tens – Constant Current, EMS – Constant Current

Current: Tens – 0-105mA, EMS – 0-105mA

Modes: Tens – 4, EMS – 3•Timer: Tens – 1-60 Constant, EMS – 1-60 Constant


View the inTENSity Twin Stim User Manual here