TheraKnit Brace Electrodes are constructed of conductive fabric and 3mm neoprene, plus a hook and loop closure system. The design of each brace allows for easy adjustment of tension by the user so that an optimal level of comfort and compression can be achieved. A lead wire adapter fastens to the external snap that penetrates the neoprene and conductive material to deliver the output from the electrical stimulation devices. The conductive fabric provides stimulation across its entire surface. The 3mm neoprene traps heat emitted from the body keeping the treatment area warm while worn by the patient.

Wrist BraceWrist Garment

Elbow BraceElbow Garment

Thigh BraceThigh Garment

Knee BraceKnee Garment

Ankle BraceAnkle Garment

Back BraceBack Garment

Cervical BraceCervical Garment